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Educational Consulting Services for College Transfer Students

As a mature student who has had significant experience at a community college or a traditional four year college, you know what you want. Now it's a matter of understanding the transfer requirements and how your transcript and selection of major impact your chances of getting in. College Find has helped countless students find success on their way to a new learning community.

The Transfer Session

Connecticut College by College Find, College Advisors for Marin and NationwideThis overview meeting is a great way to launch the transfer process. In some state schools, the timing of an application is crucial. Miss it, and you lose a year. The same is true of certain majors. Private colleges, on the other hand, may be more flexible or less flexible when it comes to transfer admissions. It's important to understand where the opportunities are. 

The Transfer Session includes:

  • Student questionnaire (completed prior to meeting)
  • Transcript and student profile review
  • A summary of transfer requirements at 5 colleges of student's choosing
  • Goal-setting for the transfer process

Additional guidance from College Find covers:

  • College list development
  • Essay guidance

"Gael was an incredible attribute to my college process. I used her advice regularly and it really helped me feel good about the application components."

~ Matt Kagan (American U.)

Point Park University by College Find, College Advisors for Marin and Nationwide

"Gael, you were a wonderful addition to our Kate 'team,' always there to answer questions and steer Kate in the right direction."

~ Marguerite Burbank (daughter Kate)