Educational Consulting Services for High School Freshmen and Sophomores

Students who start early have a chance to capitalize on opportunities many aren't aware of. Careful planning at this stage can make a difference in the colleges a student applies to.

Your First Session as a Freshman or Sophomore 

This one-time meeting positively directs a student to make the most of the high school experience. The session covers:

  • Brief Intake of high school Information and activities
  • Consultation on course selection
  • Guidance on summer activities and programs
  • Academic and extra-curricular goal-setting for the freshman or sophomore year

After this initial consultation, most families sign up for The Comprehensive Package. This gives students unlimited access to all of College Find's expertise and resources - from test guidance and college lists, to essay writing and application help - culminating in college choices that excite the student.

See the Junior Year Services tab for a more in depth description of all sessions and packages included in the Comprehensive Package.

The High School Athlete

Athletes bring a unique and sought-after skill to college communities. Whether your student is interested in playing at the Division I, Division II or Division III level, it is usually up to the student to reveal his or her skills to the coach. It's important, then, to understand the steps to best showcase your teen's ability. College Find will not only find the schools that are seeking your student's talent, but also inform and support your student through the recruiting process.

Students Skilled in the Visual and Performing Arts

Is your student a gifted musician, singer, artist, actor or dancer? If so, there may be a special path through the college admissions door. College Find will not only find the schools that are seeking your student's talent, but also inform and support your student through the audition or portfolio process.

Students with Learning Differences

While all colleges offer some services for students who learn differently, programs and support vary widely from campus to campus. It's important to know where your student can find success. College Find knows the questions to ask and the places to look based on your student's profile.

What Clients Say

"We were most impressed with Gael's expert knowledge, her insightful advice, and her positive outlook (which rubs off on you). Gael is an educator, as anyone can see, and this was most evident in the ways in which she helped our daughters take ownership of the process of preparing for and applying to college in general. "



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Educational Consulting services are offered locally, nationally and internationally.
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