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Educational Consulting Services for High School Freshmen and Sophomores

Students who start early have a chance to capitalize on opportunities many aren't aware of. Careful planning at this stage can make a difference in the colleges a student applies to.

Introductory Session

Lebanon Valley College by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and NationwideThis one-time meeting positively directs a student to make the most of the high school experience. We'll help you understand which courses have the biggest impact when it comes to college selection. College Find will also give you tools to track your extra-curricular activities and help you understand how your choices influence the way a college views you. This session covers:

  • Brief Intake of High School Information and Activities
  • Tips for Success
  • How to Develop Interests and Talents
  • Goal Setting for the Freshman or Sophomore Year

Once you've gotten to know how College Find works, be an early bird and sign up for the Comprehensive Package (the most value for your money), or enter the junior year rotation with The Exploratory Session followed by either the Comprehensive Package or the Basic Package for Juniors.

Comprehensive Package for Freshmen and Sophomores (unlimited)

This premiere package is ideal for families seeking expanded guidance. It is the most cost effective for:

  • Students starting to work early with College Find
  • Students applying to highly competitive colleges requiring many essays and supplements
  • Students who thrive when given extra support to complete tasks
  • Recruited athletes
  • Students seeking audition/portfolio based admissions
  • Students with learning differences

It includes:

The Exploratory Session (about 2 hours)

Dartmouth Admissions by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and NationwideThis overview meeting is a great way for families to launch the college process. We'll reveal strategies that will set your student apart and lay a solid foundation to help you organize for the future. The best timing is the summer before junior year through the spring of the junior year. This session is essential for families who want to work with College Find. It includes:

  • Student and Parent Questionnaires (completed prior to meeting)
  • Interview with Student and Parents to Determine Goals and Priorities
  • Guidance on High School Course Selection
  • Overview of the Admissions Process
  • Understanding Test Options
  • Résumé Worksheet
  • Analysis of 5 Colleges of Student's Choice
  • Additional Information upon Request about: Athletic Recruiting, College Admissions for Those with Learning Disabilities, Audition or Portfolio-based Admissions into Music, Theater and Art Colleges, Financial Aid, etc.

Sessions leading to the College List:

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  1. The Personality Profile Session (about 1 1/2 hours between student and advisor)
  2. The College Factors Session (about 2 hours with student and parents)
  3. Research and Development of an Individualized List of Colleges (hours vary)

The College List Session (about an hour)

Consultation and feedback on the list.

Sessions Leading to a Completed Application:

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  1. The Organizing Session (about 2 hours)
  2. The College Résumé (hours vary)
  3. College Essay Session (about two hours)
  4. Online Essay Collaboration (hours vary)
  5. Individual Guidance on Applications (hours vary)
  6. Interview Preparation (about an hour)
  7. Guidance on Final Choices (about an hour)
  8. Customized Solutions

The High School Athlete

Athletes bring a unique and sought-after skill to college communities. Whether your student is interested in playing at the Division I, Division II or Division III level, it is usually up to the student to reveal his or her skills to the coach. It's important, then, to understand the steps to best showcase your teen's ability. College Find will not only find the schools that are seeking your student's talent, but also inform and support your student through the recruiting process.

Students Skilled in the Visual and Performing Arts

Is your student a gifted musician, singer, artist, actor or dancer? If so, there may be a special path through the college admissions door. College Find will not only find the schools that are seeking your student's talent, but also inform and support your student through the audition or portfolio process.

Students with Learning Differences

While all colleges offer some services for student who learn differently, programs and support vary widely from campus to campus. It's important to know where your student can find success. College Find knows the questions to ask and the places to look based on your student's profile.


"Working with Gael has been incredibly helpful to our son as well as us as parents. Being away from the College search and application process for over 30 years, left us out of touch and unclear about current processes. Gael's early proactive and step-by-step approach made a daunting process manageable for our son. By focusing on what was important to him, and establishing a set of selection criteria early on, he was able to identify his core interests and Gael was then able to help him find those schools that had the best chance of being a good fit.

In the end, he is very excited to be attending a small, independent private college that has the strong Marine Science program that he was looking for, and the close-knit campus community he desired from the beginning. When it was time to make his final decision, we looked back to those early selection criteria and it was truly amazing how well his college choice aligned with his original aspirations!

There is no question that we might never have found this college had we not been working with Gael; she made this process enjoyable for all of us."

~ Alison and Peter Schlosser (son, Alec, at Eckerd C.)

Lebanon Valley College by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and Nationwide

"Our daughter Skylar would not be going where she's going without the assistance and guidance of College Find! We're very pleased and thankful."

~ Gordon Drake (daughter, Skylar, at Ohio Wesleyan U.)

Lehigh University by College Find, College Consultants for Marin and Nationwide

"Excellent overall experience. College Find/Gael helped us in a way we couldn't - organizing the somewhat overwhelming process of applying to college."

~ Jan Luxenberg (son, Adam, at UCLA)

Augsberg College Entrance by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and Nationwide