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Need help with college placement and the college application process?

College Find specializes in:

  • Guiding students towards a sound education plan that opens doors to more colleges
  • Identifying the best college matches in order to maximize the number of acceptances
  • Helping applicants navigate the complex world of college admissions with confidence

In order to stand out, students must be able to communicate their strengths, know what a college is looking for and utilize every part of the college application. Customized guidance is what we do best.

Through each step of the rigorous college application process, College Find gives your student the tools and strategies to help him or her succeed. These include but are not limited to:

  • A list of colleges that is personalized and exciting
  • Essay coaching that encourages a student's best writing
  • Timelines that reduce stress
  • SAT and ACT advice that leads to the strongest test profile possible
  • Résumé-building that highlights a student's strengths
  • Application expertise that focuses on details
  • Interview prep that guides a student towards thoughtful reflection

With the right guidance, your teenager can step into the future with confidence.

Worried about paying for college?

College Find also advises families about merit aid and financial aid.

Keys to receiving aid:

  • Understand your eligibility
  • Know which colleges to apply to
  • Time your college applications and financial aid documents to receive maximum benefits
  • $2,195,800 - amount of total 4-year merit aid offered last year to College Find's group of eligible clients

Top Eleven Factors Colleges Consider in Applicants (PDF)

Higher Education Consultants Association National Association for College Admission Counseling Western Association for College Admission Counseling

Gael Casner and Lori Byer are members of the Higher Educational Consultants Association and subscribe to HECA standards of good practice.


Educational Consultant Gael Casner

Gael Casner
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