Educational Consulting Services for High School Juniors

This is an exciting time in your student's life. It can also be a daunting one. 

College Find  helps your teen navigate the complex world of college admissions with confidence.

How?  First, we use questionnaires, interviews and a personality profile so that your student can understand his or her unique abilities and interests.

Why is this important?  By laying a positive foundation, students begin the process from a place of strength.

What's next?  We guide your teen in prioritizing the factors that are most important in his or her college search. A customized list of carefully selected colleges increases the likelihood of several excellent matches.

What about the "production phase" of college applications? Through each step of the rigorous application process, College Find gives your son or daughter the tools to: 

  • Organize and focus
  • Highlight strengths
  • Meet deadlines

What Clients Say

"Gael is an educator…and this was most evident in the ways in which she helped our daughters take ownership of the process of preparing for and applying to college in general. As a result, both times we were able to relax and enjoy our girls in their last two years in high school."



College Find, LLC 
Marin, CA

Educational Consulting services are offered locally, nationally and internationally.
College photos courtesy of Carolee Gravina

Gael Casner – HECA, NACAC, WACAC
Jessica Scott – HECA, NACAC, WACAC
Randel Kelly - HECA, NACAC

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