College Acceptances 2016

American University ($56,000 scholarship) (2)
Arizona State University (2)
Belmont University ($12,000 scholarship)
Berklee College of Music
Boston College (3)
Bucknell University (2)
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (7)
Cal Lutheran University
Champlain College
Chapman University (3)
Chico State University (2)
Colby (2)
Colgate University (2)
College of William and Mary
Colorado State University (2)
Columbia College Chicago
Dartmouth College
De Paul University ($40,000 scholarship) (2)
Drexel University
Duke University
Elon University 
Emory University
Fordham University (4)
George Washington University (2)
Georgetown (3)
Gonzaga University 
High Point University
Indiana University ($44,000 scholarship, $44,000 scholarship) (H) (4)
James Madison University (2)
Lehigh University
Lewis & Clark College 
Loyola Marymount University ($8,00 scholarship) 
Loyola University, Chicago
Lynn University ($48,000 scholarship)
McGill University
Miami University of Ohio
Middlebury College
Montana State University
New York University (2)
Northeastern University (3)
Northwestern University (3)
Oberlin College
Occidental College
Ohio State (2)
Oregon State University ($32,000 scholarship) (3)
Pacific Lutheran University
Pomona College
Portland State University
Purdue University (2)
Ringling College of Art and Design                    
Rochester Institute of Technology
Quinnipiac University ($92,000 scholarship)
San Diego State University (5)
Santa Clara University ($240,000 scholarship, $16,000 scholarship) (4)
Seattle University
Southern Methodist University ($20,000 scholarship) (2)
St. Leo University
Stanford University
Syracuse University ($40,000 scholarship, $60,000 scholarship) (2)
Texas Christian University ($60,000 scholarship) (2)
Tulane University ($128,000 scholarship, $128,000 scholarship, $120,000 scholarship) (3)
University of Arizona (5) 
UC Berkeley (6)
UC Davis (8)
UC Irvine (2) 
UC Los Angeles (3)
UC Riverside 
UC San Diego (4)
UC Santa Barbara (Two H) ($24,000 scholarship) (7)
UC Santa Cruz (H) (7)
University of Colorado, Boulder (4)
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
University of Denver (H) ($100,000 scholarship, $96,000 scholarship) (6)
University of Kansas 
University of Kentucky
University of Massachusetts
University of Miami
University of Michigan ($40,000) (3)
University of Minnesota
University of Mississippi (3)
University of Nevada
University of North Carolina
University of Notre Dame (3)
University of Oregon (Three H) ($144,000 scholarship, $36,000 scholarship, $16,000-2) (14)
University of Portland ($72,000 scholarship) 
University of Puget Sound 
University of Southern California (2)
University of St. Andrew
University of Virginia (2)
University of Vermont (H) ($80,000 scholarship) (3)
University of Washington (7)
University of Wisconsin (2)
Washington University
Wellesley College
Willamette College ($96,000 scholarship) (2)
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"We were most impressed with Gael's expert knowledge, her insightful advice, and her positive outlook (which rubs off on you). Gael is an educator, as anyone can see, and this was most evident in the ways in which she helped our daughters take ownership of the process of preparing for and applying to college in general. "




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