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College Acceptance Results 2013

Agnes Scott College

Brown University

Boston College

Boston University (3)

Bucknell University

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

California State University, Monterey

Chapman University  ($80,000 scholarship) (3)

Chico State University (2)

Clark University

College of Holy Cross

College of Wooster ($88,000 scholarship)

Creighton ($24,000 scholarship)

De Paul University ($52,000 scholarship)

Duke University (ED)

Emerson College

Eckerd College ($68,000 scholarship)

Fordham University

Gonzaga University ($44,000 scholarship) (2)

George Washington University

Hampshire College  ($48,000 scholarship)

Indiana University (4)

Laverne, University of ($50,000 scholarship)

Lehigh University

Lewis & Clark College ( $56,000 scholarship) (3)

Loyola Marymount University ($48,000 scholarship) (2)

Macalester College

New York University (3)

Northeastern University

Notre Dame College

Oberlin College

Occidental College ($50,000 scholarship) (2)

Oklahoma State University

Pacific University ($60,000 scholarship)

Pacific Lutheran University

Portland State University

Providence College

Regis College ($86,000 scholarship)

Regis University (2)

Rochester Institute of Technology ($52,000 scholarship)

San Diego State University

San Francisco State University

Santa Clara University

Siena College

Sonoma State University (3)

Southern Methodist University

SUNY Binghamton University (H + $24,000 scholarship)

St. Louis University ($12,000 scholarship)

Swarthmore College

Syracuse University

Texas Christian University (3)

Trinity University (2)

Tufts University (2) (One ED)

Tulane University ($100,000 scholarship)

UC Berkeley (6)

UC Davis (5)

UC Irvine (3) (One H)

UC Los Angeles

UC Riverside (5)

UC San Diego (3)

UC Santa Barbara (One H) (8)

UC Santa Cruz ( One H) (5)

University of Arizona  ($32,000 scholarship) (2)

University of Chicago ($20,000 scholarship)

University of Colorado, Boulder  (5)

University of Delaware

University of Denver ($40,000, $80,000, $20,000 scholarship) (5)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

University of Nevada, Reno ($4,000 scholarship)

University of Miami

University of Michigan (4)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Oregon ($40,000, 2-$32,000 scholarship) (5)

University of the Pacific ($50,000 scholarship) (2)

University of Portland

University of Redlands ($64,000, $76,000 scholarship) (2)

University of Rochester ($52,000 scholarship)

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of Southern California

University of Texas

University of Vermont

University of Virginia

University of Wisconsin (2)

Utica College

Wagner College ($24,000 scholarship)

Whittier College ($30,000 scholarship)

Willamette College ($48,000 scholarship)




"Hiring Gael Casner to guide our two children through the college search process was the best gift of support we could have provided them. Gael immediately engaged both our son, Alex, and our daughter, Katie, who are two years apart. Each used Gael's talents a bit differently; each student could not be more different.

From the start, I was impressed by Gael's values-based assessments to really get to the core of each students unique needs and areas of interest. I loved her approach that looks at the time after school starts, "what will support you after a difficult day, or a week of difficult days!"

Gael's experience and pragmatism guided both students through the college selection process, the personal essay and defining the timelines to meet their application deadlines. Both students applied to a List of First Choice Schools and each of them had excellent choices come April 1st. Alex could not be more fulfilled than he currently is at Tufts University and Katie starts at Loyola University Maryland in the fall. Every school on their respectively First Choice Lists were an excellent fit.

I relied totally on Gael's expertise and it relieved so much stress from the parent student senior year. I am exceedingly grateful to have Gael shepherd our children!"

~ Marie Boylan (son, Alex, at Tufts U. and daughter, Katie, at Loyola University Maryland)

"Both Teddy and Cicely feel like they will make the right choice with you by their side. Their hopes are raised as to their process of applying, being accepted, and to making the final right choice. THANK YOU!"

~ Nan Jones (daughter, Cecily, at Princeton U. and son, Teddy, at UC Berkeley)

"When our first daughter, Christina, applied to colleges, we went to Gael. She was so helpful and informative that we decided to bring our younger daughter Victoria to her. We actually brought Victoria to see her when she was a sophomore and needed help in selecting her junior class curriculum. Gael's assistance was invaluable when the time came for the college application process. We were most impressed with Gael's expert knowledge, her insightful advice, and her positive outlook (which rubs off on you).

Gael is an educator, as anyone can see, and this was most evident in the ways in which she helped our daughters take ownership of the process of preparing for and applying to college in general. As a result, both times we were able to relax and enjoy our girls in their last two years in high school. It was gratifying to witness Christina and Victoria return self-confident, motivated, and organized, after meeting with Gael. We consider Gael a valuable asset, and we highly recommend her."

~ George and Cindy Brown (daughter, Christina, at UCLA and Victoria at Chapman U.)

"From the very beginning, my work with Gael made the whole process much less stressful. She took me through each step thoroughly, but most of all, she helped me realize and define what factors were truly important in my future college. She took the mystery out of a very stressful process and kept me focused throughout."

~ Danielle Schoffman (Stanford)

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