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Educational Consulting Services for High School Seniors

This is an exciting time in your student's life. It can also be a daunting one.

College Find helps your teen navigate the complex world of college admissions with confidence.

Whether your senior is looking for a little guidance with essays and applications or needs our full support beginning with a list of colleges tailored to the student's interests and abilities, College Find offers a variety of packages to fit your needs.

The Senior Session

This one-time meeting is a great way for families to launch the college process. We'll reveal strategies that will set your student apart and lay a solid foundation to help your student organize for the future. This session is essential for families who want to work with College Find. It includes:

  • Student and Parent Questionnaires (completed prior to meeting)
  • University of Pennsylvania by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and NationwideInterview with Student and Parents to Determine Goals and Priorities
  • Overview of the Admissions Process and Progress of Student to Date
  • Testing Decisions
  • Résumé Worksheet and Sample
  • Beginning Assignments
  • Senior Timeline
  • Analysis of 5 Colleges of Student's Choice
  • Additional Information upon Request about: Athletic Recruiting, College Admissions for Those with Learning Disabilities, Audition or Portfolio-based Admissions into Music, Theater and Art Colleges, Financial Aid, etc.

Once you've gotten to know how College Find works, you're ready to choose between the Comprehensive Package and the Value Packages.

The Comprehensive Package for Seniors (unlimited)

This is the ideal choice for families who want their student to be expertly guided through each and every step of the process, including the development of a college list. Although the time frame is compressed, we motivate your student to meet all deadlines and produce the best work possible.

Sessions leading to the College List:

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  1. The Personality Profile Session (about 1 1/2 hours between student and advisor)
  2. The College Factors Session (about 2 hours with student and parents)
  3. Research and Development of an Individualized List of CollegesĀ (hours vary)
University of South Carolina Flag by College Find, College Counselors for Marin County and Nationwide

The College List Session (about an hour)

Consultation and feedback on the list.

Sessions Leading to a Completed Application:

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  1. The Organizing Session (about 2 hours)
  2. The College Résumé (hours vary)
  3. College Essay Session (about two hours)
  4. Online Essay Collaboration (hours vary)
  5. Individual Guidance on ApplicationsĀ (hours vary)
  6. Interview Preparation (about an hour)
  7. Guidance on Final Choices (about an hour)
  8. Customized Solutions

Value Packages (5, 10, or 20 hrs)

These packages are the popular choice for families and students who need partial guidance in the college admissions process. They work especially well when a college list has already been identified. We'll help you choose which sessions listed above will best support you as you apply to colleges.

The High School Athlete

Athletes bring a unique and sought-after skill to college communities. Whether your student is interested in playing at the Division I, Division II or Division III level, it is usually up to the student to reveal his or her skills to the coach. It's important, then, to understand the steps to best showcase your teen's ability. College Find will not only find the schools that are seeking your student's talent, but also inform and support your student through the recruiting process.

Students Skilled in the Visual and Performing Arts

Is your student a gifted musician, singer, artist, actor or dancer? If so, there may be a special path through the college admissions door. College Find will not only find the schools that are seeking your student's talent, but also inform and support your student through the audition or portfolio process.

Students with Learning Differences

While all colleges offer some services for student who learn differently, programs and support vary widely from campus to campus. It's important to know where your student can find success. College Find knows the questions to ask and the places to look based on your student's profile.


"Gael was extremely helpful at keeping me organized and focused, allowing me to instead focus on the writing and interviews. The combination made me both better prepared and more relaxed throughout the process."

~ Matt Vetter (Dartmouth C.)

Augsberg College Inside by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and Nationwide

"Hiring Gael Casner to be our college counselor was one of the best things I could have ever done. She is a true professional and an expert in all aspects of the college search. I believe her essay guidance alone makes it all worth it."

~ Mary Kaufmann (daughter, Alissa, at U. of Arizona)

Points Park University by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and Nationwide

"Gael was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and helped to expand my school search to schools I might not have otherwise considered . . . She was friendly and fun to talk to."

~ Jessica Hollenbacher (UC Santa Barbara, honors program)

Miami University Pool by College Find, College Counselors for Marin and Nationwide