Test Preparation Resources

Private Tutors

Bodhisattva SAT Prep (BodSAT) - Wes Carroll (415) 254-9248 and Justin Sigars (510) 910-9003

  • Greg Thompson - for SAT math (415) 924-3211
  • Naomi Zell - (415) 939-8791
  • Chris Borland – (415) 332-4564
  • Jason Persky - 314-229-3999 or 314-485-9518  (via Skype)


Compass - (800) 620-6250

AppleRouth https://www.applerouth.com/  415-510-2555 

Nurturing Wisdom - Pari Schacht (415) 963-9229 x2

Self-Preparation Programs

Khan Academy http://www.khanacademy.org 

ePrep - Excellent for-fee online program with video tutorials

 - Free on-line tutorial program

What Clients Say

"Gael Casner is more than a “college counselor.” She made sound suggestions regarding the classes our son needed to take throughout his high school years as they learned together what his interests and goals were regarding college. It truly was a process, and her experience and guidance was invaluable from start to finish. "





Gael Casner
Greenbrae, CA

Educational Consulting services are offered locally, nationally and internationally.
College photos courtesy of Carolee Gravina

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