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Test Preparation Resources

Private Tutors


Bodhisattva SAT Prep (BodSAT)
- Wes Carroll (415) 254-9248 and Justin Sigars (510) 910-9003

  • Greg Thompson - for SAT math (415) 924-3211
  • Naomi Zell - (415) 939-8791



Compass - (800) 620-6250


Eureka Review
Eureka Review
- (877) 463-8735


Nurturing Wisdom
Nurturing Wisdom - Pari Schacht (415) 963-9229 x2


Self-Preparation Programs

- Excellent for-fee online program with video tutorials (contact Gael Casner for reduced pricing)


 - Free on-line tutorial program



"I think you provided me a great service. I was able to be involved without being too involved. I think Leah learned valuable skills in organization that she will be able to use all of her life. I was happy to defer to an 'expert.'"

~ JoAnn Tsang (daughter, Leah, at UC Berkeley)

"Wow. What a process. Now that we are on the other side of it, I can clearly see how valuable Gael's work has been. My daughter and I were both anxious about the college application process and had heard all sorts of horror stories, but Gael took our hands and hearts and led us calmly and with great care through the process. The outcome could not have been better."

~ Delores Schoffman (daughter, Danielle, at Stanford U.)

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