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Useful Books and Websites

Gael's Favorite Books

Fiske Guide to Colleges, Edward Fiske

Fiske Guide to Colleges, Edward Fiske - College Advisor manual

This is the best resource you can own. Fiske highlights top colleges in the US (and a few Canadian Colleges as well). His overview is a compilation of thoughtful reflection from students and administrators. Readers especially like the overlap box that points to similar colleges as well as a list of preprofessional majors and colleges that are strong in that major.


Colleges that Change Lives, Loren Pope

Colleges that Change Lives, Lauren Pope - College Admissions Consulting manual
Pope goes beyond the name-brand colleges and introduces the reader to 40 lesser-known but outstanding colleges where collaboration replaces competition and where professors are "devoted to helping young people develop their powers, mentors who often become their valued friends." Families who really want to understand the breadth of education opportunities available to a student should read this cover to cover.


The College Solution, Lynn O'Shaughnessy

The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price (2nd Edition)
Lynn O'Shaughnessy understands the intricacies of obtaining financial and merit aid from colleges and how to assess the best value for your family.  She focuses on the issues that impact cost and offers a guide to manage the process. This is a must read for families concerned about the high cost of college.


The Best 378 Colleges, The Princeton Review

The Best 373 Colleges, The Princeton Review - College Advisor manual

Learn about the academics, life and student culture from those who actually attend each college. Concerned about the male/female ratio? Want to know which majors are most popular? You'll find lots of solid information to guide your research. Be sure to check out the funky list in the gray pages up front. With categories like dorms like palaces, dorms like dungeons, best campus food, is it food?, etc., you are sure to have some fun.


Book of Majors, The College Board

Book of Majors, The College Board - College Admissions Consulting manual

This is a book of possibilities…195 of them! After spending four years in high school wading through English, math, science and foreign language, students can get excited about the opportunities that are soon to come their way in college. Each major cleverly addresses the typical courses required and what the study of the major is like. It even gives a list of other majors you might consider, questions to ask colleges, career options and trends, etc.


The Official SAT Study Guide with DVD, The College Board

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd Edition, The College Board - College Advisor manual

Students serious about doing well on the SAT will appreciate the full-length practice tests that are featured in the book.


The Real ACT Prep Guide

The Real ACT Prep Guide: The Only Guide to Include 3Real ACT Tests, ACTOrg - College Admissions Consulting manual

Students serious about doing well on the ACT will appreciate the full-length practice tests that are featured in the book.


The K & W Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities, 10th Edition

The K & W Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities, 10th Edition, by Princeton Review, Marybeth Kravets, and Imy Wax - College Advisor manual

Kravets and Wax have produced one of the best and most comprehensive books about colleges that offer programs and services for students with learning disabilities or AD/HD.


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Gael's Favorite Websites

College Admissions, Information and Testing

American College Test (ACT & PLAN)
Art Schools
Campus Tours
Catholic Colleges and Universities
College Board (PSAT, SAT Reasoning & Subject, AP)
College Visits
Colleges That Change Lives
Collegiate Choice Walking Tours & Videos
Fair Test
Uniqo (insider information from college students)
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Princeton Review
Women's Colleges

College Information and Applications Types

Common Application

Focus on California

University of California (9 colleges)
UC Essays, Test Prep, Campus Info & Much More
California State University (23 colleges)
California Private/Independent Colleges
California Community College Information
California Community College Transfer Agreements
California Colleges

Financial Aid

FAFSA EFC calculator or CollegeBoard EFC Calculator

Financial Aid Forms

FAFSA (free application for student aid)
CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE


National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
NCAA Eligibility and Online Application


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"From the very beginning, my work with Gael made the whole process much less stressful. She took me through each step thoroughly, but most of all, she helped me realize and define what factors were truly important in my future college. She took the mystery out of a very stressful process and kept me focused throughout."

~ Danielle Schoffman (Stanford)

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"Gael, I truly appreciated your timely help and guidance. Michael's process was fairly organized because of your organization. Honestly, our only problem was making a choice of college after he was accepted to so many."

~ Kerry Keefe (son, Michael, at Seattle U.)

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